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Corporate Schedule

Keeping control of your corporate requirements

KeySupport can introduce a Corporate Schedule for you and your business.  The Corporate Schedule can monitor your compliance needs and not only monitor your requirements, but keep the information at your fingertips.
A sample of a Corporate Schedule below, can be customised to meet your needs.

Sample Corporate Schedule

XYZ Company Schedule for 2019/2020

July 2020

June Business Activity Statement
Finalise Single Touch Payroll
June Superannuation Payments
Finanilse June Accounts / Reconciliations
Start End of Financial Year Preparations

August 2020

July Instalment Activity Statement
July Superannuation Payments
Workers Compensation Reconciliations
Final June Accounts & Draft End of Year Accounts
Prepare for Auditors

September 2020

August Instalment Activity Statement
August Superannuation Payments
Commence Audit of Prior Year Accounts

October 2020

September Business Activity Statement
September Superannuation Payments
Finalise Audit of Prior Year Accounts
Funding Audited Acquittals Due (Prior Year)
Funding Acquittals Due (1st Quarter)
AGM Notice to Members

November 2020

October Instalment Activity Statement
October Superannuation Payments
Conduct Annual General Meeting

December 2020

November Instalment Activity Statement
November Superannuation Payments
ORIC General Report Due
ACNC Information Statement Due

January 2021

December Superannuation Payments

February 2021

December Business Activity Statement
January Instalment Activity Statement
January Superannuation Payments
Funding Acquittals Due (2nd Quarter / Midyear) 

March 2021

February Instalment Activity Statement
February Superannuation Payments
Commence Budget Process for Next Year
Annual Insurance Review

April 2021

March Business Activity Statement
March Superannuation Payments
Funding Acquittals Due (3rd Quarter)
Finalise 1st Draft Budget

May 2021

April Instalment Activity Statement
April Superannuation Payments
Prepare Initial Audit Process
Final Budget Approved

June 2021

May Instalment Activity Statement
May Superannuation Payments
Commence Preliminary Audit of Accounts