Direct support services designed to help keep you compliant.

KeySupport can assist organisations maintain compliance with a variety of governing and statutory bodies including ASIC, ORIC, ATO, ACNC and a variety of funding bodies.  KeySupport is a Registered ASIC Agent, Registered BAS Agent and if Authorised by the organisation, KeySupport can be your Registered Contact Person with ORIC and the ACNC. 


With appointment as your BAS Agent, KeySupport can monitor, prepare and lodge Monthly/Quarterly BAS or IAS and liaise with the ATO on your behalf to keep your account and activity statements in order.

Funding Reports

KeySupport can work with your staff and funding bodies to ensure your accounting system can monitor and acquit individual grant funded programs.  We can also assist management and staff to comply with funding terms and conditions and ensure funded expenditure adheres to the funded programs agreed objectives and budget. 


KeySupport is a registered ASIC Agent and can assist you to maintain your reporting obligations with ASIC including changes in Directorships, Share movements and Annual Reviews. Our staff can also act as, or assist, your contact officer and maintain your General Report and lodgements with ORIC and/or the ACNC.

Industry Specific

KeySupport staff can also provide support services in a range of industry specific areas such as Child Care, Education, Disability Services and other and establish reporting and monitoring systems to assist you and your organisation to stay compliant within your industry.